The Thrill of Walking

Walking is one of the best fitness exercises around. Slow and steady gets the job done and regular walks should be included in everybody’s life. Did you know that whether you run one mile or walk one mile, you burn the same amount of calories? That’s right, it may take you longer, but you’re doing the same amount of work. You’re earning about one card a mile.

You’re not going to get much cardio or aerobic benefits from walking unless you walk very fast, but it’s a great way to control your weight. It’s particularly good for people not yet in shape, those with injuries, older people, and pregnant women. I’ve personally found it to be a tremendous way to make Weight Won’t Win work.

Unless you’re a power walker or Olympic strider, nobody really knows you’re working out when you’re just out walking . No special equipment is required, you get to wear your regular clothes and there’s no need to sweat. It’s easy to earn cards just by going to the mall to shop, by walking the dog, or strolling along talking on the cell phone. Once you’ve figured how long a mile takes you to walk, you can go out and earn cards with hardly any effort at all.

It’s such a pleasant thing, walking is. A walk with a friend is hardly an unpleasant, a walk after dinner to pay for dessert is not a great sacrifice. Weight Won’t Win will make help delightful excursions like these a part of your daily life as another way to stay on cards and meet your weight goals.

For me, it takes about twenty minutes of steady walking to earn a card. I like to head out in one direction for ten minutes and then turnaround. It’s easy to go out on two of these walks a day, and that means two cards! I’ve never used one, but some people swear by pedometers, a device that measures your steps and the distance you’ve walked.

Regular walkers find their favorite places to walk. It might be the harbor, around a park, or through the city, it doesn’t matter. Walking is one of the best exercises and one that will last you a lifetime. Adding regular walks will help you gain control of your weight while also enriching your life.

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My Decision to Go Fast, Not Slow

When I developed Weight Won’t Win I experienced a palpable sense of relief. I could extrapolate in my mind into the future very clearly that it would work and I would never again have to worry about gaining weight. I was confident that if I stayed just below my burnrate, I would gradually lose weight over time. It didn’t have to be hard, I could go as slow as I wanted.

I decided to really test my system, however. How low could I go? I decided on ten cards, the least amount I thought I could conceivably handle. For five months, I managed to do it and I lost forty pounds. This was the least amount of cards I could have done. Any less than ten and I wouldn’t have been able to handle it, physically or mentally.

I would have preferred to take it slower, fifteen cards would have been a lot easier, but I was intent on challenging my new system to the limit and proving to myself that it would work. There were benefits to this, I lost two pounds a week which was nice, everybody wants to lose weight as quickly as they can, but it wasn’t that important to me. I had the rest of my life to get to my ideal weight and as long as I knew I wasn’t going to get any heavier I was pretty content, but I went to the limit nonetheless.

Surprisingly, I found ten cards to be very doable. As my body adapted, I was able to increase my exercising enough to manage my appetite. Some days, I was lazy and ate very little, other days I was famished and needed to earn a lot of cards. Either way, because I had a goal and I was making steady progress, I found I could go fast with Weight Won’t Win using the bare minimum of ten cards.

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Eating Better, Healthier Living

We are obsessed with food in America, and equally obsessed about its effects on our health and constantly worrying about what we eat. Weight Won’t Win certainly addresses these issues, but it’s about a lot more than that. As you use your cards to lose weight, you will undoubtedly exercise more and become healthier, while making better food choices.

It won’t take long to find that there are more food utils in healthy, unprocessed foods. You’ll move away from extravagant food choices, like chocolate cake and macaroni and cheese, toward lower calorie alternatives like blueberries and salads, because no matter how much you want those old comfort foods, a thin slice of them just isn’t as satisfying as a heaping helping of salad or breast of chicken. It’s the same with alcohol and soft drinks, you’ll inevitably come to the conclusion that water’s just not that bad after all.

In any case, you are in charge, deciding for yourself. There’s no one looking over your shoulder judging what decisions you make. One day that cake may be what gets you through the day, and it’s no one’s business but your own. Let the cards be your guide.

The cards don’t lie, calories are calories, so although there is tremendous incentive to eat better and be healthier, it is up to you how you spend your cards, but it’s nice to know that Weight Won’t Win is quietly working its magic and making your body stronger and healthier all the time.

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The Support Women Need

When it comes to issues of weight, it’s important to have a support structure to help you get through the process. It’s hard to do it all on our own and having others around who can give you a lift or get you through a bad patch is important. Not surprisingly, it appears that women need a different kind of support than men.

For starters, men tend to find support from a single source, while women look towards multiple sources like girlfriends, family members, and co-workers. Men also don’t like unsolicited advice. For instance, men will appreciate someone answering their direct questions while resenting someone giving out information they didn’t ask for. An example of a bad approach for males would be to say, “You shouldn’t order the steak, it’s bad for your cholesterol.” Men would rather ask for themselves, “Which should I order, the steak or the chicken?” Women are much more open to helpful advice.

Both men and women look for practical support. Practical support includes things like not leaving chocolate laying around, helping prepare healthier meals, going out to the gym together, and generally doing things to make a weight program successful. This kind of support is helpful for both sexes.

There’s also verbal support; words of encouragement, comments on appearance, and so on. This is where men and women show markedly different needs. Women are looking for emotional support as much as, if not more, than practical support. Compliments can propel women into the stratosphere, make her day, and encourage her to continue what she’s doing. Likewise, negative words can be perceived as tearing down her efforts. Verbal support can be a critical part of a women’s weight control program and the people around her need to understand this.

We all need support and it’s great when we get it. It’s important to realize, however, that controlling our weight is a solo effort. We need to find ways to do it and be successful with or without help. Also, rather than getting hung up on whether we are getting support or the right kind of support, it’s important to realize that it is a two-way street. We are also responsible for handing out support to others. Paying attention to the needs of others is just as important as making sure our needs are met. Understanding the different kinds of support women and men need is a start in the right direction.

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Men and Weight

There’s this idea out there that worrying about how much you weigh is a women’s issue. You’ve heard it many times, I’m sure, men have it easy; it doesn’t matter how old they are, men age gracefully, they don’t have to worry about how they look or how much they weigh, while women have to suffer and suffer in a sexist society that values only beauty. Hogwash! Weight is just as important for men as it is for women, and I refuse to stand by while half of humanity suffers in silence.

For every chubby cheerleader, there’s an obese defensive lineman. For every anorexic gymnast, there’s a jockey purging in the bathroom. For every depressed woman fretting about how she looks, there’s a guy whose health is falling apart finishing a bag of potato chips in the dark. Weight issues are not gender blind, and men’s weight issues need to be urgently addressed.

Unfortunately, it’s not politically correct for men to worry about their weight. In America, boys are taught that the bigger the better. American men have a warped body image based on giant football players and steroidal wrestlers that is just as dangerous as the wafer-thin supermodel images that women carry around with them.

Men pack on the pounds downing pizzas and beers making cardiologists across the world cringe. They bulk up in an attempt to be the hulking superheroes society tell them they should be. The consequences are severe. From policemen to businessmen, handymen to truck drivers, men suffer terrific incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and early death.

Young men who once could eat a horse while dancing like young colts, watch as their waistlines expand over the years. Their mood sours as their youth and vigor vanishes in handfuls of peanuts and Doritos. They become spectators to life, couch potatoes, who decide it’s easier to conserve their energy than engage in life. Weight Won’t Win hopes to change all that.

Weight Won’t Win is the perfect system for men. Try it and you’ll soon discover how to harness your innate athleticism. Your abilities to manage and plan will allow you to zero in on the exact weight you want to be. Those out-dated notions of girth and manhood that reside in your lizard brain will soon be transformed into a vision of health and vitality.

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100 Calorie Snacks

Question: Is there any connection between Weight Won’t Win and the trend of national food companies packaging their snack foods in 100 calorie packages?

Answer: If you’ve read my journal, you know how I documented how I came up with the idea well before the popular products started appearing on supermarket shelves. You can imagine my surprise when I first saw Kraft’s 100 calorie snacks. I immediately thought someone stole the idea. I was living in Mission Viejo, California at the time, which was a planned community that was once owned by Philip Morris, the parent company of Kraft.

Since I’ve come up with many original ideas in the past that I soon discovered were already invented, or invented simultaneously, or shortly in the future, there is probably no way to prove if someone took my idea. I have to think, however, that someone might have been listening as I explained the concept at Olympiad Park while pushing my youngest child on the swing or in a gym while I watched my eldest play basketball.

It might be interesting to know who came up with the idea and developed it for Kraft, that would ease my mind about whether my ideas were stolen without attribution or compensation, or not. Otherwise, there is no connection between Weight Won’t Win and 100 calorie snacks that I know of. When I came up with the idea of cards in January of 2004, I certainly could not have known about Kraft’s future product release more than six months later. It is an eerie coincidence however.

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Misleading Diet Advertisements

The ad claims, “Lose 20 pounds in a month!” Wouldn’t it be nice? But we all know that this is an outrageous lie. The average person could starve themselves for a month and they’d only lose 17 pounds, and I don’t think many people are willing to do that!

It’s conceivable that triathletes and ultra-athletes can lose this much, as they spend most of their lives exercising, burning as much as 3000-5000 calories a day, but for the rest of us it’s impossible and we need to ignore these crazy claims. These ads are trying to sell you a dream that is counter-productive and unrealistic.

Nevertheless, there’s always some new magical formula or secret potion just discovered promoted ad nauseum that will melt away the fat or boost our metabolism, and it’s always easy. These charlatan salespeople feed on our most grandiose hopes and leave us disappointed.

Not only are these ads misleading and exaggerated, they can be dangerous to our health. Realistically, the average person can hope to lose 2 pounds a week, more than that, and you are entering a fantasy world.

The more you use science to understand and control your weight, the better. Weight Won’t Win is the perfect scientific tool to do this. Don’t fall for the Madison Avenue advertising campaigns that promise the moon and deliver only misleading falsehoods.

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Obstetricians are always concerned about the weight of their pregnant patients. Many women have trouble gaining enough weight while others have trouble staying within their prescribed weight. It’s all a bit hit or miss. Doctors mean well, but all they can really offer are suggestions, gentle prodding and serious looks in order to get their patients to the correct weight.

Wouldn’t it be great if doctors could have a tool to use, something they could give to their patients that helped them stay within the correct weight range? This is where Weight Won’t Win might really help. It seems to be a perfect fit for doctors and pregnant women. After all, who knows more about a person’s food needs than their doctor?

Doctors could use Weight Won’t Win so that their pregnant patients can stay at the correct weight targets. By calculating burnrate, calorie needs, and weight goals, the doctor can prescribe a certain amount of cards for the child bearing woman. The woman can stay on the cards, and when she checks back with the doctor, he can fine tune the results.

Many women gain too much weight during pregnancy. They want to make sure their baby gets enough nourishment and so they overeat. Pregnancy can also lead to a more sedentary life where physical activity is curtailed, some are ordered to stay in bed. This can lead to serious weight problems long after the baby is gone and off to college, so this is a serious problem.

Weight Won’t Win is not yet well-known enough to have been tested by doctors and pregnant women, but I hope that someday it will play an important role in helping pregnant women have an easier road to delivery.

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Willpower and Weight

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you hear someone say, “Fat people don’t have willpower”? What a crock! There’s nothing worse than a thin person, who’s never given food a second thought, to look down on overweight people. They think they have some extra-special power, or worse yet, they think that heavy people are lacking in character and are thus somehow inferior and don’t deserve equal status.

I’ve known many people who have struggled with their weight and one thing they aren’t is weak or lacking in willpower. I’ve seen them fast for a week straight (let’s see a skinny person do that!), eat nothing but greens for a month, and go from one diet to another, continually displaying a fierce willpower that a skinny person can only dream of.

Willpower has nothing to do with weight problems– bad systems do. You can have incredible resolve, worry and fret every night, and dedicate years to shedding those pounds, but it’s all for naught if you don’t have a system that works. Weight Won’t Win is the only system a person needs to turn that enormous willpower into an incredibly effective conquering force.

My mother struggled with weight her entire life. She had the fortitude of an army, but it wasn’t enough. I wish I could have come up with Weight Won’t Win twenty years earlier, all of that willpower of hers could have been put towards a system guaranteed to work. She could have been at the weight she wanted, and she could have stayed there for the rest of her life.

Never sell yourself short. You have more than enough character and willpower if you have a system that works. There will always be people who want to feel superior to other by denigrating them. Don’t let them get you down. Believe in yourself and realize that you have plenty of character and plenty of willpower, it just needs to be applied correctly.

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Food is Good

Somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong. We began to define food as bad and those that enjoyed food too much were seen as weak. I suppose it goes back to history and the seven deadly sins. Among sloth, covetousness, anger, envy, lust, and pride, we find gluttony. Gluttony is defined as greedy eating. To enjoy food too much was not only bad for our health, it was a sin, it was seen as a character flaw.

I’d like to change that view. Why should the desire for food be stigmatized? Why should wanting more of a good and necessary thing be seen as a personality disorder? Food gives us life, without it we would all perish. Unlike cigarettes or alcohol, we can’t quit food cold-turkey, therefore we need to face our desires directly and on a daily basis. It is not healthy to associate food with evil or character weakness.

Food is good. The desire for food is good. I hope I’m sounding like Gordon Gecko, the Michael Douglas character in the film “Wall Street”, because that’s my goal. Food has become an emotional and psychological issue when it should be a basic, open, and obvious need. You don’t ask someone crawling over the dessert if they’d like a glass of water, they want gallons, they want to dance in it, drench themselves in it. The same goes for food. It’s not immoral, undignified, secretive, or shameful, it is life, pure life that should be enjoyed with gusto and fervor.

Bringing the concepts of food into the 21st Century is critical in distancing ourselves from the archaic notions that keep weight control a scorceretic and judgmental experience inevitably doomed to failure. We don’t have a personality disorder that makes us want to eat, we don’t have defective genes that make us want to consume too much food, we all have the desire for food and that desire is a healthy part of life. What we don’t have is a system that allows for these healthy needs to exist while simultaneously maintaining other important things, such as good health, personal appearance and physical fitness, all the while immersed in a culture that demands less and less physical activity from us. Thankfully, Weight Won’t Win provides the solution.

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Be Your Own Personal Trainer

Most of us can’t afford a personal trainer to get us in shape. Let’s face it, even if we could afford one, would we want them around for the rest of our lives? Imagine Hans and Franz screaming at us to do one more rep when we’re seventy years old! I don’t think so. Any yahoo can come up with tortuous ways to burn calories, but what good is it if you hate it so much you find solace in food and make a habit of skipping workouts?

The best person to devise your fitness regimen is YOU. You know what you like, what you need, and what you’ll do. By using the Weight Won’t Win system, you will find what works best for you. You will exercise when you need to, just as much as you need to, and do the things you want to do. In other words, you will become your own personal trainer.

Weight Won’t Win pushes you to create the exact exercise routine you need and will tolerate. You will probably be surprised at what you eventually settle upon. Day in and day out, there are certain activities that will bring you maximum return, what’s best for your body, and which ones you don’t mind as much as others.

In my case, I settled on three workouts to earn my cards. In the first one, I would do a sit-up routine, 12 minutes of crunches made easier by watching an entertaining show on television. Then I’d mix in a weight lifting circuit. I had two different ones which I rotated daily. Finally, I liked to run. Personally, I find running the best, quickest, and easiest way to earn multiple cards. Some days I didn’t feel like running, or maybe I needed a rest day, and I’d walk 1 or 2 miles. Those three exercises, sit-ups, weights, and running/walking, became my exercise routine and I found it very easy to fit them into my life.

Initially, I thought I’d prefer more variety. I imagined myself bike-riding, surfing, swimming, and pursuing more exotic sports, but that wasn’t the case. Day in and day out, I settled on what I would actually do. No exercise physiologist can tell you what that is. We’re all different, and the ways you’ll find to earn cards will be yours and yours alone. You are your own personal trainer. You’ll train when you want and just as much as you need to. I found what worked for me, and so will you.

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Cards, Cards, Cards!

Weight Won’t Win is the name I coined for this spectacularly easy, simple, inexpensive, and intuitive weight control system about six months after I came up with the idea. Before that it was simply known as cards and I use the term cards when I’m on it, even today. So don’t be confused if I go back and forth between the two terms.

It’s natural that I call my system cards, after all, I started out by cutting up some index cards and writing the number 100 on them. Those initial ten cards carried me through five months where I successfully lost 40 life-shortening pounds, so it’s natural I have fond remembrances of my cards.

“Are you on your cards?” my family will ask me. “I’ve only got two cards left,” I’ll say. Even when I’m keeping track in my mind or using a different method (there’s the pencil and rubber band, the string and plastic clamp, poker chips, and other ways of keeping track that I’ve devised) I’ll use the term cards.

I came up with the term Weight Won’t Win as a catchy name for my weight control system. I really like it. It describes the purpose of my system perfectly and has a nice ring to it. Nevertheless, I like calling it cards for shorthand.

So don’t be confused if you hear or read me using the term cards for this great system and I hope you feel free to use it yourself as well.

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You’ve Won As Soon As You Start

So many of us get discouraged at the thought of how far we are from our weight goals and how long it will take to get there. The great thing about Weight Won’t Win is you’ll feel like you’ve won as soon as you start!

There is no feeling worse than being out of control and spiraling into weight gain oblivion. I know this feeling well. My weight steadily climbed year after year and it seemed as if there was no stopping it. Nothing worked. I’d lose weight and then put it back on and it seemed there was no way I was going to conquer my weight problems.

I felt helpless and was full of dread. My health was deteriorating, I was getting depressed and there seemed to be nothing I could do about it. Just stopping my weight gain– not losing weight, became my priority and spurred me to create this system.

And what an amazing difference it made. As soon as I started Weight Won’t Win my fears were erased. I knew I had gained control, I knew I wasn’t on an endless death plunge. I had gained control, I had won as soon as I began.

I was able to accept my current weight and no longer felt bad about it because I knew I was doing everything I could to control it. The weight loss would occur, I was sure of that, and I no longer expected immediate results. One of the biggest problems in my life had been solved. Eliminating that stress is one of the secrets of Weight Won’t Win.

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My Intentions

What do you do when you have a great idea but have a hard time getting the word out? You start a blog of course. That’s what I did anyway, and here it is!

This blog is going to be an accounting of my attempts at getting Weight Won’t Win out to people. Hopefully it will allow me to share my idea with as many people as possible. I hope you enjoy it.

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